"They guide you on how to pose naturally so you always look your best self in every image they capture."

Just Add Cake & BALLOONS

You deserve a day just for you

Why do a birthday session?

Having a photo session dedicated to you and your new era is a fun start to your next decade. If you can’t be extra on your birthday, a day dedicated to you, then when can you be?

A birthday comes once a year and it is important that you find ways to celebrate it. This day should be treated just as important as any other celebrations. Your birthday photoshoot is an opportunity to capture the essence of another milestone and create memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. 

Celebrating a birthday can be a way to connect with friends and family, create new memories, and feel appreciated. It can also be an opportunity to reflect on personal growth and accomplishments. Additionally, birthday parties can bring joy and fun into your life, providing a break from the routine of daily responsibilities. 

Editorial & Fine Art Photography
  • Opportunity to Create Fun Poses
  • Gift to Yourself on Your Special Day
  • Celebration of New Beginnings
  • Do it For The People Who Love You
  • You Deserve to Treat Yourself
  • Feel Confident and Empowered

My belief is that every person should be framed in the moments they’ve felt the most loved and cared for.


Ivan and Ana coached me every step of the way and when I say it was fun, we had SO MUCH FUN and the time just flew by! They made me feel unbelievably comfortable the duration of the shoot. They provided excellent instructions & suggestions (and bubbly!) we seemed to be laughing enjoying ourselves the whole time. They were also so patient with me which helped tremendously. I cannot tell you how much my confidence skyrocketed as we were shooting.

Celebrate YOU

with graduation portraits!

Have you earned your masters or received a degree, why not take a day to make it all about you? Start with professional hair & makeup, then change into your favorite outfits, and relax while we do all the hard work making you look good.

Your family wants to see your success. Give them stunning portraits of yourself that they will gladly treasure forever.

Create your brand

Personal branding is about YOU. It is all about your actions, your reputation, how you communicate, what you believe in, who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

You and only you alone are responsible for your personal brand. It is up to you what you say and do. By controlling the narrative, you can shape how others perceive you. This makes you stand out from everyone else.

If you're seen as a credible individual, people will see you as someone they can trust and rely upon. They will feel more comfortable giving you their time and money.

Personal branding is not just for influencers anymore, position yourself as an industry expert while increasing your public image and your reputation.

Build trust with others and gain recognition by creating your unique branding strategy!


"I can't say enough about how incredible Ivan Garcia and his team are to work with. Their talent is unmatched! Ivan, Ana, and Casie are a family team that makes every client feel like you are a part of their family."

Tips for Personal Branding

Increase visibility and grow your audience

  1. Keep your social accounts relevant and up-to-date.
  2. Post frequently and use social scheduling apps to help you.
  3. Create content that interests your audience.
  4. Talk and share with your audience whenever possible.
  5. Find and join relevant online groups.
  6. Keep your brand and images consistent across channels.
  7. Import contacts from email lists and sales funnels.
  8. Keep your content positive.

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