Have you been thinking about boudoir?

Do you ever find yourself obsessively scrolling through the Instagram feeds filled with women who seem so… perfect? Now you’re sitting there comparing each and every part of you until you’re just feeling inadequate.

Or maybe you’re thumbing thru magazines or catching a couple commercials on tv about the latest diet or fashion trend and you find yourself wishing to appear exactly as they do. Allow us to pop this bubble of toxic thoughts that you’ve got in your head! 

Society and social media has forced women to feel inadequate these days. It has forced them to hate their beautiful skin, scars, and stretch marks that could tell stories. It has forced women to criticize every single part of their bodies, when in fact they should be celebrating them!

What comes to mind when you think of doing a boudoir photoshoot? Do you think “I need to lose weight first” or “I don’t have the body for that”? We hear that all the time, but let us tell you something…


Every Body is a Boudoir Body

We are real, fun, people just like you! We want to get to know you before the session and make sure we work together so this experience will be life altering for you. We work with models, regular individuals, mothers-to-be, and couples looking for the perfect intimate gift or an experience to be photographed together.

Our team is friendly and passionate, you’ll find yourself getting comfortable with us in a matter of minutes. We're experts at helping you feel comfortable with every part of the process, which makes everything much smoother and brings out your inner radiance!

Have something specific in mind? Let us know, our boudoir photography experts love getting creative! From studio to outdoor and everything in between, we want to make your boudoir dreams come true. We thrive in helping women ‘flip the switch’ and embracing their body and empowerment.

Nervous about what the experience will be like? We totally understand! This is why we require a “meet and greet” phone call prior to your appointment, this way we can get to know each other and talk about the process and outcomes in great detail.

Still nervous? Come in for a physical meet and greet. Come check out the studio, get to know your photography team in person! We want you to be comfortable and confident in our studio, we take all steps to ensure your experience is perfect!


Learn To Love Yourself Again

We are active advocates for body positivity and want to change all the beauty standards that surrounds us. Our mission is to transform what is considered “beautiful” by making every woman feel like a goddess. Our boudoir photography services do just this and we enjoy empowering you! Through our photography, women can express themselves in ways that break all barriers of body shaming and let your confidence shine.

Whether you want to make a bold statement on one of the social media platforms, create a sensual gift for your partner, or simply want to embrace your body by giving yourself the gift of confidence, we are here for you! We will go out of our way to help you to embrace the incredible and alluring woman that you are!

We are not only skilled photographers, but also experts in bringing out confidence. It can be unnerving showing up for your first boudoir session, we get it, and this is why we help you every step of the way. We will position you and help you find the perfect angles and lighting to accentuate your curves. Once you’re ready to begin your journey, we personally pose from head to toe, placing your hands and adjusting your head at the best angle.

Boudoir photographers do more than just show skin; they tell stories. Our images do more than spark desire; they invoke empowerment.


Helping You Feel Closer to You

Once you’re comfortable with the pose you’re in, we'll begin to take photos designed to highlight your finest features. After a few photos have been taken, we will show you to see how gorgeous you look and address any concerns you may have! This works as a great confidence boost and is usually the part where you truly open up.

The rest of the photography journey becomes so much easier and natural to proceed with once you’ve seen how truly incredible you look from our view. You will feel more confident and sexier thanks to your personal photographers.

Our boudoir studio also offers boudoir for loving couples!

Many couples want to celebrate their love and feel closer to their partner with an intimate photoshoot. You can explore new levels of your relationship and give yourselves an invaluable gift that you can cherish. These sultry photographs will make sure that you never forget the passion and desire you feel towards each other.

We are here to make sure that you receive the best possible service and experience the intimacy that comes with boudoir photography firsthand. You will walk away with a gift that you and your partner can enjoy forever.


Safe and Secure Photoshoot

We give our clients a personalized experience by guiding them through every part of the photography process. We advise clients how choose their own wardrobe and coach them during the session with posing from head to toe, ensuring that you love the end result.

Don’t want anyone else to see your photos? You got it! We will never share your photos or sessions with anyone unless you give us permission to do so. Worried about someone seeing you during our session? Let your worries subside as we have our own entirely private studio, there are no accidental “walk ins” or peeking possible.

Our skilled team consists of the most experienced boudoir photographers! We are fun, empowering and the ultimate support team! We have vast knowledge in posing every feature of the female body and we do everything in our power to ensure our clients have a premium overall experience.

From individuals to couples, we do it all! We work with aspiring models, brides-to-be, expecting mothers, and loving couples who are looking for an intimate gift to give to their partners or for the experience to be photographed together.

"I am normally not comfortable in front of the camera but through the guidance of Ana, Cassie, and Ivan I became so confident and LOVED the way my photos turned out." -Miss K


 Love Note From Happy Client

"My time with Ivan and his beautiful wife was such an invigorating and enjoyable experience. But it starts before photography is involved. The discussion prior to our session really gave me the confidence I needed going into boudoir photos. Ivan and I discussed different ways I wanted to be photographed allowing me to lead with what I felt comfortable with and also sending information that he felt would work best with the setting. In addition to being able to speak freely with my ideas, he provided me information about posing and general prepping.

The day of the shoot I was greeted with a warm and inviting setting. There were snacks and beverages and I was able to loosen up by listening to music of my choosing.

As the shoot began, Ivan made sure I was comfortable. He was very gentle and direct with helping me position myself for the shoot. I'm appreciative to him and Ana for providing an atmosphere that made me feel extremely comfortable. He also showed me a few of the photos during the shoot that helped me feel more relaxed. Once we were all done we sat down and briefly discussed the events, what to expect next, and how to reach out for any questions or concerns.

The callback was quick. I was able to review all the photos and pick the pictures I felt most comfortable with. In addition, I appreciated all the different variety of ways I could make this wonderful experience memorable physically. Boudoir photography wasn't something I expected to do. I was a woman going through a divorce at the time and felt some of my confidence fleeting from the process. Ivan and Ana aided in pushing me through the door I knew I needed to step through. I'm forever grateful to them their kindness, professionalism, and expertise." - Miss N


An Experience Catered To You

Our lives always seem to revolve around caring for someone other than ourselves. You are important. It’s time to take a day to reconnect with your heart and soul and be reminded of the gorgeous, powerful woman you are.

Boudoir photography is about creating images that are unique to you as a person. We will sit down and chat about your ideas and dreams for your session to make sure the feel of your boudoir session represents you at this time in your life. We can’t wait to embark on this journey with you.

Getting in front of a camera and showing off your bare skin can be intimidating. That’s why we are here to help you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Want to keep your clothes on and be shot in high socks and a long sweater? Let’s do it, we can make that look sexy too!

Our extensive training is specifically in boudoir photography and how to make you feel sexy in your skin. We make sure you are comfortable by guiding you through every step of the way and teaching you how to do the advanced poses to show off all your favorite features. Our photographer will even demonstrate the pose for you first! 

From giving wardrobe advice to hyping you up, we do our best to ensure that your experience is something you will remember and cherish for years to come.

I’m so excited to be a part of a personal discovery for you – one you may not realize yet! I admit that it might be nerve wracking to remove the barriers of both clothing and emotions, but I promise it will be worth it.


How To Begin Your Journey...

Step one

Our first contact is over the phone where you’ll have a 15 minute no obligation consultation with me! I will go over the process in detail and answer any questions you might have. I want to make sure your boudoir session is everything you want and more! After this, you’ll be free to book your shoot if you’d like.

Step two

Once we’ve booked your shoot, we’ll schedule a date for your planning meeting. This can be over the phone, video chat or in person. We’ll talk through what outfits to pull from your closet and which you might want to splurge on. We will go through items in my client closet and pick the perfect outfits, accessories and sets for your big day!

Step Three

There might be some nerves before we get started but once you see yourself all dolled up after your makeover, you’ll be ready to get into that first outfit. Then 7-10 days after your shoot, you’ll come back to the studio to see those gorgeous photographs and choose the ones you love!


See Yourself Like Never Before

When you walk into our studio, we want you to feel safe and comfortable without any hesitance. We guide our clients through every step of the process to ensure you know what to expect. We usually have 3-5 wardrobe changes, and encourage you to bring a well fitting set to ensure fitment, but you also have access to our inclusive client wardrobe! This wardrobe is filled with luxurious robes and sparkly body jewelry.

After getting started with us, you can rest assured that you will get the best boudoir experience and are unlikely to find anyplace else. Getting in front of a camera and showing off your bare skin can be intimidating. That’s why we are here to help you feel comfortable and confident. Want to keep your clothes on and wear high socks and a long sweater? Let’s do it, we can make that look sexy too!

We break down the typical beauty standards set by society and showcase you in ways that not only make you fall in love with your body, but also help you see just how beautiful you really are. We promote self-acceptance and empowerment through our photographs that capture the true beauty of a woman.

Worried about the safety and privacy of your photos? We will not allow your pictures to be seen by others or distribute them in anyway without your permission. Your comfort and your privacy are our top priority.


Discover Your Beauty With Us

Our studio aims to create a safe space for women to explore their inner goddesses because every woman deserves to feel confident within their bodies and skin. As the biggest advocates of self-confidence and body positivity, we thrive on creating a safe environment where women can feel safe and confident within their skin.

Our team consists of one of the most skilled boudoir photographers in Houston who excels in capturing your beauty. We want to show you exactly how stunning you are in all your imperfections and we do just that through our sessions.

Whether you’re a model looking for one of the best boudoir photographers, a mother-to-be looking for a maternity photographer who would show you just how beautiful your body is with all the changes it’s been going through, or even if you simply want to give your partner a sensual surprise, we have you covered!

"I went from someone who would never consider boudoir, to being an advocate. I would tell any bride to do a boudoir shoot. You will not regret it." -Miss A


You're interested in booking but you have questions?

What exactly is boudoir? If you’re working with me, boudoir is a path to empowerment. It’s a stepping stone – or the destination – on a journey of loving yourself and realizing your own beauty. It’s the process of shedding your insecurities, like you would shed clothing, allowing you to feel sexy in YOUR body and mind.

I don’t know how to pose, will you help me? YES! Yes Yes YES! We are the boudoir experts and don’t expect you to know how to pose AT ALL! We got you. We will be posing you from start to end, from head to toe, and will even tell you to what to do with your face during the ENTIRE session! You are absolutely free to bring some pose ideas with you to your session, or just let us do it all!

Do I have to get naked? Only if you want to! But you most certainly do NOT have to do anything you’re not completely comfortable with doing. Want to take photos in a sweater and tall socks? We can make that look sexy.

How soon will I have my Images? It typically takes between 5-10 Days for your images to be completed and ready for your image reveal. Any products you order can take an additional 2-3 weeks for me to receive, so I recommend that you schedule your session at least 4-6 weeks ahead of when you’d like to have them so we have plenty of time to choose your favorite images and items!

Can you help me figure what to wear? We will absolutely help you figure out how you want your session to look and what kind of style you’re looking for. We'll educate you on styles of lingerie and other things you can wear for your session and send you to our favorite lingerie stores to try on some of our favorite pieces, what to look for and what to avoid.

What if I feel like I'm showing too much skin? We have a collection of gorgeous ROBES ranging from size S to XXL that you will have complete access to with every session! We also have an assortment of body jewelry to give some extra bling! Lingerie and styling is our thing and we love helping you find the perfect look for your experience.

I want to lose weight first, I have too many stretch marks! YOU ARE ENOUGH. We can empathize with some of the above sentiments… a LOT of people can. But here’s the thing – this is about LOVING YOURSELF. This is about seeing how beautiful you are as a WHOLE, instead of focusing on a couple of things you might not be crazy about today. You don’t have to be a certain shape, a certain size, or a certain age to be confident and beautiful.


Do You Offer Photos for Men?

Yes! As a husband and wife team we are able to cater to all genders, including couples, while providing both of our perspectives when creating amazing images. Our photos draw a fine line between nudity and sexuality, and we compose pictures that are not only intimate and sensual, but also empowering. We don't offer full nudity, only implied (the illusion of being nude).


It will not, I promise. We are so busy focused on posing and making sure you aren’t doing anything weird with your face, even the hottest poses aren’t really that steamy! Mostly it’s just us laughing together.


We do not, they have to bring their own. I can help with suggestions though! We can come up with fun ideas for a specific theme if you want to elevate the session.


Nope! Same price. The only additional cost would be if any persons need professional hair & makeup application at our studio, in which case it would be $200 per person.


In-Studio Boudoir Sessions

Most first time clients begin here, with our Studio Sessions! They are my most common type of boudoir shoots, they take place at our beautiful home boudoir studio in Houston.

We have multiple sets for you to choose from in our 400 sq. ft. studio space, complete with lots of greenery, natural light, and a moody aesthetic PERFECT for those sultry and romantic images. We carry several Robes in our Client closet from Small to XXL, and a plethora of body jewelry and other accessories to make your experience perfect for you. Everything we have is yours to borrow for your shoot, this is included in the cost of your Session Fee!

We LOVE doing couples sessions and offer it as a full session only so that we can take the proper time to ‘‘warm up” both clients. Whether you’ve been married for 40 years or a month, or heck if you’re pretending to be a couple just for photos, we are an all inclusive safe space for couples of all walks of life.

We believe all women should experience a boudoir photoshoot. An experience just for you. A day to let us pamper you. One day that's all about you and only you.


On-Location Boudoir Session

Outdoor sessions are so fun! We are always scouting new locations to make your boudoir dreams a reality. Soon to be a mother? What an absolute perfect time to remember your pregnancy with the help of boudoir photography. Whether you’re a first time mom or a mom of five, you time being pregnant is a thing to celebrate! Let me give you a day to be pampered and fawned over. You deserve it.

Sometimes as a woman goes through pregnancy, she forgets how beautiful she is. Women naturally have a glow when they are pregnant, and we want to capture it in our boudoir photography . Boudoir maternity photography can be a way to get back that confidence and express yourself in ways you’ve never done before.

We offer services sure to make you appreciate your ‘mom bod’ again. We help you find the goddess within by showing you the raw, unedited beauty in yourself and the little bundle of joy that is growing inside. This can be a great way to see yourself in a new light, as equally sexy and sensual as you were prior to your pregnancy, but now in an entirely different way. 

If you are ready to invest in yourself, then we are the perfect photographers for you!


You Deserve to Invest in YOU

When was the last time you did something that was just for you? Sadly, most of us can’t remember, or it has definitely been too long! Let’s change that. Let’s do something that is completely about you!

Session Fee: $499

3 Days Only: $99*

Book your boudoir photoshoot now and schedule for a later date in the future up to 8 months in advance.

-Pre-session consult to help you feel relaxed
-Wardrobe and styling advice on what outfits to bring
-Access to client closet with couture robes and sparkly body jewelry
-Posing you from head to toe and SPECIALLY what to do with your face
-Up to 4 outfit changes (bring your own) from a pretty dress to lingerie
-Complimentary snacks and beverages throughout your session
-2 hour professional photoshoot with coaching and guidance
-Full image retouching included for a beautifully smooth skin
-My team and I will give you the positive support you need
-An empowering feeling like nothing else you've ever seen
-Bragging rights because you DESERVE a luxury experience
-Any amount you spend now will be refunded as a credit

*Albums and other products (like digitals) are not included in any of our session fees.

Collections start at $600
Average investment is $1200

Payment arrangements and financing plans are available!



Because You Are Worth It

Below you’ll find a list of different payment options available.

Full Payment Before a Session
The BEST way to get your products is to pay in full before your session. This option lets you rest easy, knowing your collection is already paid for and will be ordered as soon as you pick your images! Pay off your Collection at least 7 days before your session and enjoy an assortment of pre-payment perks!

In-house Financing
We offer in-house financing up to 8 months for Collections only. After your session fee (due to book), the remaining balance will be automatically billed to you bi-weekly or monthly for your total between 2-8 months. All in-house payments must be complete before your session. 

Payments made for in-house financing cannot be refunded if your order is cancelled.

Paypal Financing
PayPal offers a great way to finance your collection with no interest financing for the first 6-18 months! It’s a line of credit applied for through PayPal and not through me. The credit will be used to pay for your collection and you’ll get your products sooner!

Apply for PayPal credit here!


Boudoir is better with friends

Why not get together for a girls night out?

Ask about our bring-a-friend option, it's the perfect way to split the cost and share this amazing experience together. We offer multiple exciting photography collections that can be remembered through include albums, wall art, and print boxes. Our photos are of the highest quality and also make a great, sensual gift for your loved one. 

This studio was created by professional photographers who are passionate about empowering the women around them through beautiful photography. We have created a safe space for women to let down their guard to allow themselves to truly display confidence. During the session, you can see the change in energy that shows in the photos. Through our therapy, we give our clients an unforgettable experience of finding their confidence. 

We welcome women of all sizes to come experience our luxury boudoir photography just as you are. Whether it’s a photoshoot for your Instagram, for your ‘accountant’ profile, a gift for that special someone, or just a token of self-love to yourself, our boudoir photo studio is your ideal go-to place for all your boudoir photography needs.


Professional Quality Products

Our studio produces only the highest quality products possible, fully personalized for our clients by your personal boudoir photography team. We make your experience ten times better by providing personalization not only in the way we photograph you, but also through the high quality products you receive.

Personalized Albums
You will receive a personalized High Quality Album with thick heirloom quality pages. There is a plethora of cover options to customize them to your unique style. It’s no wonder this is our most popular option.

Metal Wall Art
You can also have your pictures printed and displayed on metal. This is an incredible alternative to just a regular old print because it is incredibly beautiful and the colors really pop. (This option can only be purchased as an add-on to an album order).

“I was nervous and shy at first, but little by little started to come out of my shell. I have to over come being comfortable in my own skin flaws and all. The atmosphere was great and they we very helpful with poses and reassuring me that I was doing great. Thank you for the opportunity of a wonderful boudoir photo shoot experience.” — Mrs. K.

When was the last time you did something for you?

Boudoir photography is a life-changing experience for anyone who wants beautiful photographs for themselves or to give as a gift for someone else. It can be for a special occasion or just because!

Do you want to live everyday knowing that you could have done something new and exciting?

You deserve to feel good about your body and feel comfortable in your own skin. Others will tell you what you can and cannot do, but we encourage you to push through and show them what you are capable of.

Prove to yourself that you can be beautiful in this world and get back your sense of confidence while re-discovering your own beauty. You will be very proud of all that you can achieve, and if you can do this, then you can do anything!

Check out these before and after transformations of our gorgeous clients that decided to do a boudoir photoshoot:


Step away from your busy life


We are always busy with all kinds of things like work, school, activities, cooking, cleaning and the list goes on and on. If you are like me, then you spend time to take care of others, but how often do you have the time to be a little selfish and think about yourself? Let us treat you to an amazing life changing experience!

Have a fun day just for you! Getting your hair and make up done, talking about anything you want, listening to your favorite music, choosing the outfits you like best and just laying down on a soft and comfy sofa looking all glamorous while we create gorgeous images.

If you feel beautiful, then you are beautiful and your confidence will definitely shine through.


Boudoir can be anything you want, from a full vintage gown that will silhouette your gorgeous curves, a glamorous beauty shot revealing your favorite features, or putting on that awesome lingerie outfit that you’ve had at the back of your closet, to wearing nothing at all in between the white bed sheets. You can also experience this amazing photo shoot with your significant other, lover, partner, fiancé or husband —what a better way to spend time together than showing your true love for each other and capture it on camera!



Cinematic Boudoir Film

Think positive: You can do this!


Here’s a worthy list of reasons to do boudoir. The most important thing to remember is to give yourself permission to embrace your body just as you are! We always hear the excuse of wanting to lose a few pounds, why not set a realistic goal and schedule your session for 3 months from now?


By doing this, you will push yourself to achieve the look you want and feel happy by the time of your photo shoot. Remember, today you are as young as you will ever be, don’t keep waiting any longer. Need more reasons to celebrate? Let us know and we can think of other reasons to do a boudoir photo shoot.

  • Book back-to-back with your friends for a fun girls day out

  • Life is hectic and you deserve a day of confidence building

  • It’s an opportunity to be pampered!

  • It pushes the edge of your comfort zone!

  • You're going to grow into feeling comfortable in your own skin

  • You're going to have a great time

  • You'll feel like a celebrity on the red carpet

  • It's an opportunity to show a different side of yourself

  • It’s empowering

  • It will boost your confidence

  • It’s an excuse to buy new lingerie

  • It’s a way to celebrate your brand of sexy

  • It’s a chance to do something exciting

  • You will look gorgeous

  • It’s a great gift for your lover

  • You are already working it for the wedding

  • You get to go shopping

  • You will feel like a supermodel

  • It’s a great way to celebrate a milestone

  • Allows yourself to embrace your body


Ready to plan the session of your dreams?

We want to make you feel as amazing as you are. My team and I are here to help you create an experience and give you something you can treasure for a lifetime. After any session with us, you will leave feeling like you have made new friends.


We want to show you, yourself in a new light. You are a queen and we want to make sure you never forget that. I am here to work with you, and together we will make something incredible!

"I highly recommend! I recently had a boudoir photo shoot and it was so empowering and to see the photos and feel beautiful!
They coach you through the entire process (from booking, outfit help, the look that you’re wanting, posing during the shoot, and kind words of affirmation was an added bonus).
They have the best interest for the clients and making the photos tasteful and beautiful. I booked with Ivan, because I know the quality of his work. They are truly the sweetest people and a dynamic trio! "- Miss B

The journey to self discovery and gaining a better confidence begins by embracing your own natural beauty. We know exactly what you want, all the pretty and romantic pictures that make you fall in love with your own self and boosting your confidence to show that you can rock your body.

Remember that your body is the only place you have to live, it’s delicate and needs to be treated with care. Why not take a some time to pamper yourself and celebrate you in the most beautiful way possible?

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