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So imagine this…you walk into a studio where the music is playing and a glass of champagne waiting for you. You sit down in the chair and feel the stress melt away as you receive professional make-up and hair styling. Once the lashes are on and the hair is curled, you spend the next hour playing dress up in lingerie you never thought you would feel comfortable in. But before you know it, you are feeling sexy, confident and amazing! That is the power of an amazing boudoir session.



Miss V.

"I am normally not comfortable in front of the camera but through the guidance of Ana, Cassie and Ivan I became so confident and LOVED the way my photos turned out. This also became a very special gift for my husband on the day of the wedding. "


We don’t always see ourselves the way others do. We see the imperfections and flaws, but THEY SEE BEAUTY. I have been photographing women a while now and I can tell you that you are your own worst critic! I see it all the time.


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Imagine the look on his or her face opening the album you created, filled with gorgeous images of you. Boudoir is not only a great gift to GIVE someone….it’s a perfect gift to give YOURSELF! Yes, it’s fun to see the reactions, but more importantly it's a constant reminder of your beauty.

There are many other reasons to do Boudoir:


  • Happy Birthday To You (Or Them!)

  • Long Distance Relationship

  • Rediscovery Of Your Femininity

  • Beautiful Work Of Art You Will Keep Forever

  • Self-Love Experience (Confidence Boost)

  • Momma Needs Some Pampering

  • A Special Gift For Your Soldier

  • Since You Been Gone…(Divorce/Breakup)

  • You Reached A Milestone

  • Happy Anniversary, Honey!

  • Because You Want To


Regardless of the excuses you are building up in your head of why you shouldn’t do a Boudoir session, I invite you to take a break from all that chatter, be easy on yourself, and think of the reasons why you deserve to do something special for yourself. My sessions are a safe space for you to come in exhale and let those desires finally free so you can experience and celebrate yourself…for whatever reason!


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